The Shaking – LIVE Stream


“The shaking of God blows away multitudes like dry leaves…Soon, God’s people will be tested by fiery trials, and the great proportion of those, who now appear to be genuine and true, will prove to be but base metal…”

As the inhabitants of Earth fall deeper into spiritual darkness, unready for the crisis ahead, God is working mightily to prepare a people who will stand true to Him, to finish the work and to “shine as the brightness of the firmament,” turning others to righteousness. The time has come for God’s people to return to a form of primitive godliness and experience true revival and reformation, and prepare for the shaking.

Dr. Allen Davis recently retired after 32 years of military and church service. He currently serves as a full time speaker, writer and foreign mission coordinator for Pioneer Health and Missions.


Thomas Akens has been working for God in self-supporting ministries as a preacher and Bible teacher for 18 years. He is serving as a speaker and is on staff for Pioneer Health and Missions.


Daniel Mesa has worked as a pastor for the space of 16 years. He is now working full time as a speaker and media creator for Pioneer Health and Missions.