The Sabbath Commandment

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That the fourth commandment of this law
(Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:12-15)

requires that we devote the seventh day of each week, commonly called Saturday, to abstinence from our own labor, and to the performance of sacred and religious duties;
(Isaiah 58, Luke 4:16)

that this is the only weekly Sabbath known to the Bible, being the day that was set apart before Paradise was lost (Gen. 2:2, 3),
(Genesis 2:1-3)

and which will be observed in Paradise restored (Isa. 66:22, 23);
(Isaiah 66:22-23)

that the facts upon which the Sabbath institution is based confine it to the seventh day, as they are not true of any other day;
(Mark 2:27-28)

and that the terms Jewish Sabbath, as applied to the seventh day, and Christian Sabbath, as applied to the first day of the week, are names of human invention, unscriptural in fact, and false in meaning.
(Acts 1:12, 13:14, 27, 42, 44, 15:21, 16:13, 17:2, 18:4, Revelation 1:10)