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Media, “the main means of mass communication” (Apple Dictionary).

Multimedia, “using more than one medium of expression or communication” (Apple Dictionary).

  1. Exo. 20 — 10 Commandments (John 8, “It was silence, it was music, it was art, it was absurd… He stooped and shouted volumes without saying a single word!”)
  2. Exo. 25 — the tabernacle was built for the purpose of communicating symbols
  3. Num. 21 — brazen serpent illustrating salvation
  4. Est. 8:4-14 — posts to all people — saved from the death decree! Youtube, DVDs, text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, email, letters!
  5. Psalms — podcasts or songs on iTunes, MP3s, or radio
  6. Song of Solomon — an allegorical illustration of God’s love and relationship
  7. Lamentations — a poem, starting with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, an alphabetical acrostic… “a series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters when taken in order spell out a word, phrase, etc.”
  8. Eze. 4:1-6 — God commanded Ezekiel to act out a play for illustration
  9. Dan. 2:31-35 — moving characters (visual effects) illustrating prophecy to a heathen king
  10. Dan. 5:5-6 — writing on the wall
  11. Dan. 6:25-27 — The king’s decree written to all nations, kindred and people
  12. Dan. 7 — moving characters (visual effects)
  13. Dan. 8 — moving characters (visual effects)
  14. A hymn sung by the 13 after the Passover (Matt 26:30), Christ declared God’s name as He sang praises in church (Heb. 2:12)
  15. Rev. 12 — moving characters (visual effects) to illustrate His people under attack
  16. Rev. 13 —  moving characters (visual effects) to illustrate false systems
  17. Rev. 14:1-3 — new song sung by the 144,000
  18. Rev. 15:1-4 — song of Moses and of the Lamb
  19. Revelation as a book, the words “see/seen/saw/lo/look/looked” ~73 times
  20. (READ LAST) *John 19:19-20 — written in 3 languages

* A. Who wrote, “Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews”? PilateJohn 19:19-20 – A confused, convicted, Roman, pagan Governor, that didn’t have a clue what he was actually doing. He was fulfilling the will of God.

That was the first written publication of Christ on the cross. That was the first written sermon from a first hand witness of the crucified King. That was one of the first tools God used to bring the first convert to salvation as a result Jesus’ death… a thief. That first publication was written in three languages… Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Hebrew for the brilliant, religious scholars like Joseph of Arimathaea – Mark 15:42-46; it was written in Latin for the Romans like the Centurion – Mark 15:37-39; and it was written in Greek for the Gentiles like the thief on the cross — Luke 23:39-43. These three were convicted of their sins as they “watched Him there.” These three souls, seeing the media in their own languages, were brought to salvation. God used a criminal Governor to spread His message to the lost standing at the foot of the cross—using media.

(We have the example of God using media on the cross to reach a broad scope of personalities; an educated counselor and closet disciple in Joseph of Arimathaea: a hardened businessman in the Centurion: and a hopeless criminal in the thief.)

“Those who become interested have to meet sophistry and misrepresentation from popular ministers, and they know not how to answer these things. The truth presented by the living preacher should be published in as compact a form as possible, and circulated widely. As far as practicable, let the important discourses given at our camp meetings be published in the newspapers. Thus the truth which was placed before a limited number may find access to many minds. And where the truth has been misrepresented, the people will have an opportunity of knowing just what the minister said.” 6T 37.1