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Questions by Richard Mendoza, Answers by Daniel Mesa

QUESTION 1) Then Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit impregnated the virgin Mary and becomes the Biological Father of Himself?

  • Luke 1:35 says it was the “power of the highest.” That’s the Father. The Spirit of Christ (the Comforter) had not yet been given.
  • John 7:38 says, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
  • John 7:39 (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)” The word “given” is supplied in the KJV.
  • This is not to be confused with Christ as the spirit before He became flesh. He was the “Angel [ministering spirit] of the Lord” in the Old Testament. “After his transgression God would communicate to man through Christ and angels.” Story of Redemption 50.3
  • It seems that without it being the Father, and some other being, Christ would then have two fathers, and the LGBTQ+ community would be right!

QUESTION 2) Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would but He would not speak of HIMSELF but of Christ.

  • Christ mentioned the Spirit would not speak of Himself—meaning, He would not speak His own words. Just as it reads in John 14:24 about Christ, “the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.” The Spirit would speak the words of the Father that sent Him.
  • John 15:26 says, “When the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.” To testify means to bear witness. (More in the next answer.)
  • Notice Galatians 4:4, “When the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,
  • Galatians 4:5 To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.
  • Galatians 4:6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.”

QUESTION 3) He would not glorify HIMSELF but Christ. . . But since the Holy Spirit is Christ then He DOES speak of HIMSELF and DOES glorify HIMSELF. . .

  • Firstly, the Spirit would glorify the life of “the son of man”—the life that Christ lived on this earth—yet unbelievably, He is still a partaker of the human nature! (See the Desire of Ages, 25.3) While the Spirit is “the life of His life,” the job of the Spirit of Christ is to glorify Christ’s life in us, John 17:10 says, “All mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.”
  • Secondly, is this so strange? John 12:28 says, “Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.”
  • INTERESTINGLY, people around Christ didn’t understand this. The Bible says in the next verse, “The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered.”
  • What does this verse mean? John 13:32, “If God be glorified in him, God shall also glorify him in himself, and shall straightway glorify him.” If God glorifies the Son, and the Son glorifies the Father, then when the Father’s Spirit was in Christ (John 14:10-11), the Spirit of the Father was glorifying Himself through His Son!

QUESTIONS 4) Jesus said that “ALL manner of SIN, even blasphemy against the Son shall be forgiven you, BUT blasphemy and SIN against the Holy Ghost shall never be forgiven you. How can we blaspheme Jesus and be forgiven, yet blaspheme the Holy Spirit and not be forgiven, if Jesus is the Holy Spirit?

  • I believe “Christ is to be known by the blessed name of Comforter. “The Comforter,” said Christ to His disciples, “which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you, Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”” Manuscript 7-1902.10
  • So, when the Jewish nation rejected Christ, and we know that “Jesus comes to you as the Spirit of truth” (2nd Manuscript Release, 337.1), then when the Jews rejected Christ, they rejected the Spirit that He was bringing to them—the Spirit of truth. If we reject the truth, we do the same thing. If a man rejected Christ to His face, later, that man could be repentant. But if that man hears “the Spirit of truth” speaking to his conscience and then later finally and completely rejects that voice, there is nothing more that God can do for that man. “What constitutes the sin against the Holy Ghost? It is willfully attributing to Satan the work of the Holy Spirit.” 5th Volume of the Testimonies, 634.1

QUESTION 5) Worst of ALL, if Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit then the Bible should read “Luke 4 1 And Jesus being full of HIMSELF-the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, How in the world can the sinless selfless Jesus be “FULL of HIMSELF? ? ?” Let me add another one.

  • You’re asking a question that is too big to answer right here, but I will make it quick: Hebrews 1:7 says, “Of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.” Also, Hebrews 1:14 says, “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”
  • Angels were there in the wilderness with Christ, revealed just after the 40 days were expired, Matthew 4:11 says “Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.” So… also, the Spirit of the Father was in Christ, as stated in John 14:10-11, which was leading Him, and so too were the angels ministering the Spirit.
  • “A measure of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. Through the ministry of the angels, the Holy Spirit is enabled to work upon the mind and heart of the human agent, and draw him to Christ, who has paid the ransom money for his soul, that the sinner may be rescued from the slavery of sin and Satan.” Youth’s Instructor, July 5, 1894, par. 5
  • Strength and grace have been provided through Christ to be brought by ministering angels to every believing soul.” Steps to Christ, 52.3
  • All the miracles of Christ performed for the afflicted and suffering were, by the power of God, through the ministration of angels. Christ condescended to take humanity, and thus he unites his interests with the fallen sons and daughters of Adam here below, while his divinity grasps the throne of God. And thus Christ opens the communication of man with God, and God with man. All the blessings from God to man are through the ministration of holy angels.” Review and Herald, January 21, 1873, par. 16

QUESTION 6) Matthew said that the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness “to be tempted of the devil” (Matt 4:1). If Jesus is the Holy Spirit, wouldn’t that mean that Jesus led himself into temptation? I look forward to a detailed, chronological response to each question. Thanks.

  • The comments above in answer to question five should suffice to get someone to think in a direction that will bring answers, but I will say a few more things.
  • 1 Corinthians 2:11 says, “What man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.” This verse is saying that nobody from the outside knows what is in a certain man, but that certain man’s own mind will know what is in him. In the same way the Spirit, or MIND of God, knows what is in Him.
  • Notice also Romans 11:34, “Who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?” This is taken from Isaiah 40:13 which says, “Who hath directed the Spirit of the LORD, or being his counsellor hath taught him?” So, Paul knew that Isaiah was referring to the mind of God when reading the word “Spirit” in that verse. God’s will, His mind, lead Christ—His only begotten Son—into the wilderness. The Son followed the mind of God in every particular, revealed through the Word and God’s ministering angels.


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