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Cain and Able – Genesis 4:1-15

  • Infant in its establishment, yet the enemy attacks the sacrificial system.

Nadab and Abihu

  • Treating common things as holy and rejecting the health message – Leviticus 10:1-11.

Ark taken by Philistines – 1 Sam. 4:1-11

  • Defeat came because there was sin in the priesthood by Hophni and Phinehas… See 2:12-17, 22-25.
  • “We must as a people arouse and cleanse the camp of Israel. Licentiousness, unlawful intimacy, and unholy practices are coming in among us in a large degree, and ministers who are handling sacred things are guilty of sin in this respect. They are coveting their neighbors’ wives, and the seventh commandment is broken. We are in danger of becoming a sister to fallen Babylon, of allowing our churches to become corrupted, and filled with every foul spirit, a cage for every unclean and hateful bird, and will we be clear unless we make decided movements to cure the existing evil? Will you have others follow your example? Will you wish them to pass over the ground you have traveled and feel that they have done no great wrong? Without repentance and genuine conversion you are a ruined man.” Lt51-1886.7

Nebuchadnezzar took the holy vessels and burnt God’s temple – 2 Kings 25:8-17 & Daniel 1:1-2

Heathen drank wine from the holy vessels – Daniel 5:1-4

  • This was retribution against the sin of the heathen treating God’s holy things as common.

Nehemiah was troubled while trying to build the holy city which embodied the temple – Nehemiah 4:1-3, 18

The devil puts the wrong people into God’s temple on purpose to defile the purpose and meaning – Mark 11:15-17

The devil worked vehemently when Stephen spoke of Jesus` ministry in Heavenly sanctuary – Acts 7:51-60

  • While rebuked for lack of consecration, Israel “gnashed on him with their teeth.” When he spoke of Christ’s ministry in the sanctuary of Heaven, they “stoned him.”

The exceeding great horn cast the sanctuary down to the ground – Daniel 8:11-12

  • This was possible because the Bible had been confiscated and people were ignorant.

The devil wants to take over the temple entirely – 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

He causes his powers to blaspheme the temple and them that dwell therein – Revelation 13:6

God’s great city has been impersonated with the enemy’s great city – Revelation 17-18, 21:9-11

Why did Judah also go into Babylon to begin with? It was because God’s people had rejected His Words through His prophets. Read 2 Kings 17:24-41 and Jeremiah 44:11-23.